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2012 Whistler Readers and Writers Festival, Oct. 12-14, Whistler, B.C. For more information and a full schedule of events visit

Stella Harvey spoke to the North Shore News about the history of The Vicious Circle and what to expect at next weekend's Whistler Readers and Writers Festival.

North Shore News: How did The Vicious Circle get started in Whistler?

Stella Harvey: I've always written stuff here and there but I had another career and I was working in Europe for three years. When we decided to come back I sort of thought this might be a good time. I started to do short fiction and I had some of it published in literary magazines and then from there wrote the novel that is coming out.

In terms of the writers group and the festival, when we came back to Canada we settled in Whistler in August of 2000 so I thought if I'm going to do this writing thing it would be nice to have some support. I went to the library and they said they didn't think there was a writing group. I put an ad in the local papers, in the Pique and the Question, and asked if there was anyone interested in getting together to talk about writing, critiquing that kind of stuff, and 26 people showed up at my door for the first meeting.


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