A Thankful Heart

“The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest.” William Blake

It’s been one of those weeks where I have lots to be thankful for, so this week instead of one blog, you’re getting two. I couldn’t help myself.

In addition to all the donations and kind comments I received for the Whistler Writers Festival campaign at the gofundmesite (yes, still flogging), I also got a note from my friend, author Genni Gunn about my novel, The Brink of Freedom.

Thanks Genni and thanks to all of you who have read my novel and sent me your feedback. It’s very gratifying for a writer to hear from readers, to know her story, her words, touched the reader in some way. Thank you.

I asked Genni if it was okay to share her review and she said it was, so here it is.

Dear Stella,

I finished reading your book a few days ago, and finally I’ve found a moment to sit down and write to you.

I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I thought you did a marvellous job of showing us all the different perspectives around the story. Particularly interesting, I thought is that while everyone is apparently concerned about the boy, you expose the bigotry and racism evident in their thoughts and actions, and the boy perishes while the group of do-gooders consider their own preoccupations, be it job, social status, etc. Of course, there were some characters who came across as kind and generous too — particularly the policeman’s wife and her mother, and of course Shelby. I thought you did a great job with Shelby, and her misplaced ‘saviour’ instinct.  It made me think of Canada in the 50s, when native children were taken from their homes and given to white families to adopt, because it was thought the children would do better, and have more opportunities. Another case of misplaced kindness of a type.

Anyway, I could go on, but I won’t. Suffice it to say that you have created a wonderful, multi-layered book exploring a difficult and fraught situation, one that has become even more pronounced since your original conception. Congratulations on a terrific book!

All the best from Vancouver, where today it’s sunny. Genni

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