Teaching Understanding

Much learning doesn’t teach understanding.” Heraclitus

It’s been a crazy week. The top headline, for a change was not about something ridiculous the leader in the country next door to ours did or said or lied about. Instead, press secretary Sean Spicer, United Airlines and judges getting mandatory education on sexual assault laws took over the media.

The stories and opinions provided in each case have been extensive so I won’t take up space this week adding my rants. I’m sure you know how I feel (understand history, Sean, before you open your trap, investigate a situation thoroughly, Oscar, before you make ill-advised public statements, and you judges out there, if you don’t understand sexual assault laws, you have no business being in your position. No amount of training is going to teach you sensitivity.)

And, yes, I do realize these roles (press secretary, CEO and judge) are intense, highly scrutinized and perpetually on, but this is what these people get paid for. Right? So I expect more. We should all expect more. 

Oops, there I go. All I intended to say was these incidents confirmed my belief that you can’t teach understanding or sensitivity to old dogs set in their ways.

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