Silver Linings

I know God won’t give me anything I can’t handle. I just wish He didn’t trust me so much.” Anonymous   

Have you had days where everything seems to go wrong? How about a whole week of one calamity after another?

I won’t bore you with the details because we all go through times like this. You have to take the good, the bad and the sometimes ugly. Yes, our basement had a minor flood this week. The culprit, a corroded pipe stuck deep in a wall. Yikes! The ongoing mess has been incredibly difficult on an obsessive compulsive like me.

Such a thing and others like it (lost wallets, missed appointments, I could go on and on) add one more layer of madness to an already crazy life.

Why a crazy life? I don’t know. It just is. My husband says I’m a carrier, in other words, someone who inflicts stress on others wherever she goes. Maybe. But this is not supposed to happen. Mind you, I do actually expect things to happen.

As a card-carrying control freak, I plan to the smallest detail; build in contingencies just in case. On the other hand, I’m not typically inundated with a sudden onslaught of a bunch of disasters all at once, none of which by themselves is a big deal.

And really a lot of good has come my way this week because of these catastrophes. A craftsman, who happened to come on the day after the flood (for something else), came back with a crimper to stop the leak, and then he came a second time to install a new pipe. I didn’t ask him, volunteered. How nice is that?

The flood also led to a massive de-cluttering. Only one room downstairs was impacted, but once we started cleaning things out, it only made sense to continue.

The wallet hasn’t been found yet, but there are a whole lot of people working on trying to find it. Everyone is so incredibly thoughtful.

How can I not be grateful for all this, disasters and all?

I have no real revelations to share this week given the week that was, except to say when the s… hits the fan, it’s nice to know there will always be others who have my back and who will be there to help prop me up. And that’s a pretty good thing given the trust and faith you know who has placed in me (all of us, really).

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