Stella Leventoyannis Harvey

Life is a journey. When you stop, things don’t go right.” Pope Francis

We arrived in Athens a week ago and my time has been spent adjusting to the new time zone, reconnecting with family and friends and sorting out a routine that would balance work with the pleasure of being in this great city. I had a plan to start back on my novel as soon as the plane began to climb. Needless to say, my excitement, scattered brain and simple exhaustion didn’t allow that to happen.

Then I told myself I would take Tuesday off because we’d arrived so late on Monday night and I was too tired. I would get back to my project on Wednesday.

The days have passed without a single word being written, but I have connected with some of the people I had hoped to talk to regarding my project, I’ve set up meetings and I have been to the Athens War Museum where I got some great information and pictures. I’m hoping some of this will help inform my new novel.

It’s a start. That’s what I tell myself. The next step is to write. That’s the real purpose of this journey. I’ve been moving. Yes. But not in all the ways I should.

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