Stella Leventoyannis Harvey

Inspiration exists but it has to find you working.” Pablo Picasso

Upon the advice of friends I’ve taken a different tack this week in terms of my writing. I’m absorbing the culture, the vibe and the information that comes my way while I’m in Athens. I write notes, things to remember, information I need to include in my novel. And I set aside an hour each morning to write.

Most of the time I sit and stare at the screen. Other times I look at a scene I’ve created and ask myself if a reader would be able to see or feel what is going on. If I’m lucky I add a little more detail. It’s not much. I know this, but I remind myself that every word is a gift and I let myself be. As a natural doer, this isn’t easy. I know. I know. I’m prone to understatements.

By sitting and focusing on story, even when words don’t come, I’m working. And in that labour, inspiration will find me and I will remember what ignited my imagination to start this project in the first place. That’s my hope.

In the meantime, onward. And for good measure, my fingers and toes and everything else are crossed.

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