Stella Leventoyannis Harvey

That Time of The Year

I think in terms of a day’s resolutions, not the years’.” Henry Moore

Mr. Moore has a point. Over the last few years, I’ve slowly inched my way towards this mindset. You can imagine this hasn’t come easily to a planner with a need to control every possible detail of her life. Still I try to think of each day and what I want to accomplish that day. If I do that I figure the year will take care of itself.

Yes, I still reflect on the year that was. I can’t help myself. But I see the danger in this more clearly now. It can leave me feeling less than and overwhelmed with what I think I need to fix. And none of that feels very good, nor does it motivate.

So instead, I focus on the day I’m in. I make a list. I build time for the things that are important to me—writing, exercise, hanging out with family and friends, getting outside, and reading. If I can do all these things in and around my work, then I feel like I’ve accomplished something. If I can’t I try not to beat myself up, and simply add whatever got missed to my list for the next day.

Something very similar was reiterated to me in a Forbes article I read about making resolutions. I especially loved the practical advice about building on what you’ve already started, making small measurable goals and checking in to see how you’re doing. Hope you enjoy the article.

Happy New Year!

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