Stella Leventoyannis Harvey

A faithful friend is the medicine of life.” Ecclesiastes

I’m home after a few weeks of being on the road. I read from my new novel, Finding Callidora in Calgary, Edmonton and Victoria.

I’ve lived and worked in all three cities over the course of my previous career. However, I haven’t been in Edmonton for four years, a city I left some 25 years ago, and I haven’t been in Victoria for four years either, preoccupied with other matters I don’t regret. I worked in Victoria 14 years ago. I only realized how many years had passed when I got lost and couldn’t recognize some landmarks I came to love in both cities. The once familiar was no longer.

And yet despite this passage of time, former colleagues and friends as well as new faces came to my readings. It was as though I had never left. I am touched and so incredibly grateful for these friendships. A bit weepy too. The familiar is after all familiar. And time hasn’t passed at all.

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