Stella Leventoyannis Harvey

Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.” Socrates

I ask a lot of questions in my voracious need to understand people, circumstances, life, and me. All my writing as well as all my interactions begin with wonder. I’m an inquisitive (some might say nosy) sort and as I type this, I realize I’ve given my main protagonist in my new project the same trait. Hm? I wonder (there’s that word again) why? I will have to explore that topic further in a future blog. 

My desk holds things that remind me of my inquisitive nature: pictures of the laughing kid I was, cards from friends, journals and notebooks and pieces of paper where I’ve jotted down ideas or more likely, questions about stories, blogs or whatever piece of writing (and by this, I mean question) I’m currently immersed in exploring and, fingers crossed, answering. Sometimes there are no answers. Only more questions. Again, a topic for another blog.

Recently, I added something new to my desk, a beautiful globe made by my friend, Ande at globe Ande makes is unique. Mine is made from oak and is treated with hemp oil. It came with a card that read: Each globe is made with love, and my hope is that it sparks much joy, inspiration, connection with others and exciting adventures.

Ande has travelled the world. She discovered her craft and what moves her through her adventures. I have journeyed to many places inside my mind. Still, the globe, my globe (I’m so possessive) affirms what I do and gives me inspiration to dig deeper. I tell stories. And in this way, I connect and reach others. 

So, it’s no surprise that my globe, the one on my desk, is appropriately named: WONDER.

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