Stella Leventoyannis Harvey

Dear Mr. Harper

I wonder if there will come a time when you stop attacking others and actually tell us what you believe in, stand for. Or perhaps that is exactly what you’re doing with each of your volleys against the opposition. Your new object of derision is Justin Trudeau. And I’m still trying to figure out what he’s done in less than a week on the job that has you running so scared, finding the minutia to pick at as you would a blackhead.

Let me see, Mr. Trudeau took off his shirt for a charity event. Oh, the shame of it. And here I thought giving to and helping others in need was what made us Canadian. We’re the ones who have typically gone to other countries as volunteers after a disaster, or as peacekeepers in time of strife, or as honest brokers, for example, in the Middle East (oh, wait, Mr. Harper, you have ruined our reputation on that front, too). Yes, I could see the shock in your labour minister’s (Lisa Raitt) blotchy red face the other night on the news when she commented about Mr. Trudeau’s antics. “What would you say if a woman had taken off her top? Think about it.” Um, excuse me, but what does that have to do with anything?

Mr. Trudeau’s next faux pas according to your statement, Mr. Harper had to do with his interview with Peter Mansbridge on Tuesday night. I’m so glad you’re watching the CBC rather than scheming to kill it.  But I’m getting off topic, as I’m wont to do. I suspect you might have the same tendency, if these attacks are any indication. Right or wrong? Aren’t you supposed to be running the country rather than stifling debate or condemning those who choose to come into politics at some great sacrifice to themselves only to be bullied and taunted? Are you in a schoolyard or in government? I hope they are not the same thing to you, Mr. Harper.

Okay, so Mr. Trudeau said he thought we needed to understand the root causes of the violence behind the Boston marathon bombing. Oh, yes, that’s not a leader speaking. Goodness no. So let’s just say for argument’s sake we take your approach, Mr. Harper, and we find these people who caused the deaths and injuries in Boston and lock them up and throw away the key. What have we gained? What have we learned in order to prevent similar situations in the future? Is your answer another Guantanamo Bay prison scenario for our country? Should we deny compassion, pigeonhole everyone into some narrow view we have of them, and hey just build more jails? You can see how effective that has been in the United States and China. Oh, I forgot, you don’t look at or like research (hence your assault on our scientists, not to mention your lack of understanding or acceptance of climate change). And yes, I also forgot that we couldn’t possibly say anything negative about China or their human rights record (all hush, hush) at the moment because apparently we have their pandas. Everyone knows pandas excuse all sins.

And still the bombs will be built, and hidden, and explode and kill. Jails cannot contain those who are radicalized because of disillusionment or disenfranchisement or poverty.  To feel safe and be safe again will only come with understanding and tackling the root causes of the problems that lead to such desperate, unconscionable measures. Don’t take my word for it, Mr. Harper. Ask any sociologist, psychologist, or social scientist. Oops, there’s that S word again.

I’m a proud Canadian who believes that man (or woman) is basically good. I have compassion for my fellow man; want to understand why people do what they do so I can make my country, my community a better place. I appreciate honest, respectful debate over the issues we face. I have no time or patience for gutter politics where below the belt and senseless attacks are the main platform.

I admire good leaders with vision and foresight and most importantly humility. I gravitate to those who are open and accepting of others, and who strive everyday to do their best. These are the people who will garner my vote.

You may think your shots at Mr. Trudeau are clever, Mr. Harper. But we see them, and more importantly see you for what you are−just another schoolyard bully: all big mouth and fists and absolutely no substance. 


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